Corporate and Foundation Contribution: Keeping our Community Healthy

In order to achieve our mission of "Keeping the Women We Love Healthy," we need the generous support of corporations and Foundations in San Diego who are committed to community involvement and strong corporate citizenship.

We graciously accept pledges from companies of all sizes and in all sectors as their collective support is vital to helping us promote women's health research and education.

There are many ways to participate in women’s health education in our community.

Organization Donations:

  • $150 Friend of Howell - Listed on website and in the Luncheon Program 
  • $250 Women’s Health Advocate - The preceding level and a Howell Foundation pin
  • $500 Women’s Health Innovator - All preceding levels and  listed on the screen at all luncheons
  • $1,000 Women’s Health Research Pioneer - All preceding levels and  a special thank-you at the 1st luncheon of the year
  • $2,500 Women’s Health Research Champion - All preceding levels and pre-arranged access to a presenter or researcher at a luncheon
  • $5,000 Women’s Health Research Scholarship Underwriter - All preceding levels and the opportunity to underwrite & meet with a scholar-researcher
  • $15,000 Community Engagement Grant Sponsor - All preceding levels and the words “sponsored by” added to all written & oral mentions of that year’s Community Engagement Grant and the opportunity to meet with the CEI scientist.
  • $25,000 & above Women’s Health Research Visionary - All preceding levels and a customized underwriting opportunity

Luncheon / Evening Series Sponsorship

The Doris A. Howell Foundations conducts a series of Luncheons and Evening events that present the latest research on women’s health. Contact us to find out about the different ways you can contribute to the Foundation events here. We hope to see you to share a great glass of wine and tell you all about us!

Speaker Services

The Speakers Service extends the Howell Foundation’s educational mission into corporations and nonprofit organizations in San Diego and across the United States. All topics are evidence-based and provide research about individual wellness – anywhere from healthy living in the 21st century to the quality of people’s mental and physical health in the workplace. You can find our more on the topics and fees here. (Link to Speaker Services)

Community Engagement:

The Howell Foundation made a commitment to develop partnerships with academic and community-based organizations to support programs that improve quality of life in San Diego communities where health disparities are prevalent. If you would like to be part of making our community healthy, to discuss developing a partnership and/or to receive general information about the Howell Foundation, please complete our "Contact Us" page.


  1. Providing grants for women's health research to promising undergraduates
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  2. Sponsoring symposia, learning luncheons and other educational outreach mechanisms concerning women's health and related issues.
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