Our Donors - Friends of Howell

What is a Friend of Howell? A Friend of Howell is one of the Howell Foundation’s core supporters who helps us carry out our mission.  Anyone who donates $125 or more to the Howell Foundation is automatically a Friend of Howell. The donation listings below are by year. 

The Howell Foundation relies on the generous donations of individuals, foundations and corporations in the San Diego community to reach its goals.  We thank you for your support!

2017 Friends of Howell (coming soon...)

2016 Friends of Howell (1/1/16 to 12/31/16)

Underwriters ($10,000 or more)

Clay and Anne Perfall

Full Scholarship Donors ($3,500 or more)

Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Eva May Fleet Foundation Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Andrea and Fred LaCroix
Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation
Michelle Mirandon, Mirandon Foundation for Hope
Irene Nemeth
Beatrice K. Rose, MD, MPH

Patron ($1,000-$2,999)

Alpha Phi Foundation
Robert P. Banka Fund at The San Diego Foundation
California Trucking Association
The National Cheers Foundation
Audrey Geisel, Dr. Seuss Foundation
Diana Hill
Doris Howell, MD
Hamilton & Estelle Loeb, Jr.
Peggy Oechsle
Virginia “Jill” Patch
Irving Tragen
Cheryl Wilson

Benefactors ($500-$999)

Janet Allison
Susan Baxter, PhD
Marla Black
Colleen Block-Lynn
Karen Bowden
Alison and James Denman
Wanda Garner
Laury Graves
Susan Hoekenga
Jeanne Jones
Gladys Kohn
Lainie Lesser-Mark
Jean McGrath
Bonnie Mendenhall
Jill Mendlen
Vici Willis

Sustainers ($250-$499)

Marty Allenby
Carole Banka, PhD
Brad Benter
Marilynn Boesky
Gaylyn Boone
Betty Brayshay
Mandy Butler, PhD
Stacy Carota
Gigi Cramer
Steve Dahms, PhD
Barbara Dudl
Berit Durler
Kathleen Franklin
Kippy Gambill
Cindy Goodman
Sandra Harris
Janet Hawkins
Jane Hopper
Joanne Hutchinson
Mary Lynn Hyde
Cristina Jordan
Todd Kaprielian
Skai Krisans, PhD
Lynne Martin
Lainie Lesser-Mark
Susan McClellan
Kathleen McGuire
Priscilla Moxley
Linda Osborne
Kay Pierce
Patricia Price
Scarano Family Foundation Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Penelope Smith
Sherman & Lady Smith
Maryanne Sorge
Carol Tuggey
Bob Wallace
Joseph & Mary Watson
Judith White
Dodie Williams
Jessica Zhang

Supporters ($125-$249)

Penny Adler
Barbara Arledge
Barbara Bailey
Maxine Bloor
Pamela Boynton
Barbara Brown
Kathleen Buoymaster
Joyce Butler
Elizabeth Carson
K.C. Chien
Marilyn Colby
Janet Douglas
Joan Evangelou
Paula Fenzel
Beverly Franklin
Robert Fredericks
Robin Gordon
Bryna Haber
James & Ruth Harris
Mary Johnson
Muriel Juster
Adele Kayser
Alice Kirby
Linda LaCom
Ronda Landrum
Yvonne Larsen
Patricia Lester
Karen Ludwig
Ann Mayo
Susan Mazza
Candice McCarty
Janet McKinnon
Pamela Mellon, PhD
Patricia Moises
Lois Morris
Linda Mulcahy
Joyce Nash
Frances Osborn
Janace Pierce
Joyce Rafkin
Jo Ragen
Kelsey Regedanz
Carole Renstrom
Mary Lee Roberts
Patricia Roth
Howard & Judith Rubenstein
Thomas Ryan
Marcia Schuster
Dawn Shulman
Ann Silliman
Goldie Sinegal
Elizabeth Snowden
Ivar Stakgold
Linda Strause
Alice Thomas
Marlene Turrentine
Kathleen Wahab
Sharon Weremiuk
Audrey Wohl
John Zimmermann
Bev Zukor


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