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Health prevention strategies, illness diagnosis and treatment, and drug development efforts rely on gender-inclusive research results. Historically, women have been either underrepresented, or excluded in medical research efforts.  This may lead to adverse health outcomes for women.

The Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research is dedicated to making a long-term positive impact on women’s health. 

We serve to bring awareness to gender disparities in medical research that lead to proper diagnosis and treatment for women in our community.  We seek to accelerate  women’s health research by addressing two key elements in women’s health: provide early, first hand access to  cutting-edge research,  and  funding undergraduate and graduate research grants to conduct critical research affecting women’s health.  

Since its founding in 1995, the Howell Foundation has awarded more than 270 scholarships and produced over 100 women’s health presentations. In 2013, it expanded its service to include community- based research grants with an emphasis on women in under-served communities.  By focusing on women-specific issues, we help Keep the Women We Love Healthy. 


Dr. Doris Howell - Our Founder Howell Foundation for Women's Health Research

        ~ Dr. Doris A. Howell 

How many of you have wives;  how many of you have daughters;  how many of you have  sisters?  And I know you all have mothers… 

  What do you do to help them stay healthy?“   

Howell Scholarship Program

We inspire and fund undergraduate and graduate researchers to pursue scientific innovation for the next-generation pool of physicians and scientists who will accelerate solutions to women’s health issues.

Outreach and Events

We promote health education by presenting cutting-edge research that encourages self-advocacy for the long term health and well-being of women, their families and the community in which they live.

Community Engagement Initiative

Howell Foundation Community Engagement Initiative

We award pilot research grants to scientists working with community organizations to develop and evaluate programs designed to address the most pressing health issues affecting underrepresented women in our community.


Early Access to Cutting-Edge Research in Women's Health

2022 Howell Health Lecture Series

This informative session will discuss the major research programs funded for last the 20 years to improve our knowledge about menopause and how to manage it with newly created resource, mymenoplan.org

Menopause Management

Join Us! 

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Help us accelerate solutions in women's health for generations to come.

Your investment supports an emerging scientist and contributes to a lifetime of furthering women’s health, family health and the health of our community with education. 

Today’s Howell Scholar raises the importance of science dedicated to women’s health.  With your support, today’s Howell Scholar will have the the tools to discover the next scientific breakthrough in women’s health research. 

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How you’ve helped move women’s health research forward

What Donors are Saying:

We have entered a new era in Women’s Health and “tomorrow’s breakthrough” depends on what we do today to make a difference in the future of health care. It’s an honor to be part of this incredible group of people who believe in women’s health causes.

Maryanne Sarge
Maryanne Sorge Family Nurse Practitioner Friend of Howell Foundation

Although women live longer than men, they bear a greater burden of diseases & disability. I’m privileged to serve on the Howell Foundation Board of Directors to help this exceptional organization promote women’s health research through its student & community engagement research awards.”

Michelle LaCroix
Andrea Z. Lacroix. Ph.D. Professor & Director of the Women's Health Center of Excellence UC San Diego

For me, the Howell Foundation is about Education. Research. Next Generation. I learn so much about women’s health from the top physician researchers and scientists in San Diego. Knowing that my contribution is going toward women’s health research scholarships is rewarding.

Eileen Steres Gaffen President Steres Gaffen Media

Howell Happenings

Keeping the Women we Love Healthy Blog

Howell Foundation Announces New Appointments to its Executive Leadership Team

Howell Foundation Announces New Appointments to its Executive Leadership Team

Susan Baxter, Ph.D. and Stanley Maloy, PhD. appointed to Foundation’s Executive Leadership Team Along with Chair Person, Carol Tuggey, and…
The Howell Foundation is #breakingthebias in research. Because women’s health starts with research.

The Howell Foundation is #breakingthebias in research. Because women’s health starts with research.

In 2022, the theme for International Women’s day is about equality and ending bias for women worldwide. For us, this…
Inspiring Careers: Howell Foundation Announces 2022 CSUPERB Awards

Inspiring Careers: Howell Foundation Announces 2022 CSUPERB Awards

Inspiring careers for the next scientific breakthrough as the cornerstone of women’s health. Topics of research include depression, monoclonal antibody…

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