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Regarding women's health research: "How many of you have wives; how many of you have daughters; how many of you have sisters? And I know you all have mothers... What do you do to help them stay healthy?"
   ~Dr. Doris Howell

Women are not small men. The exclusion of female subjects in current research efforts may result in the misdiagnosis and consequently, erroneous medical treatment of women. In the era of personalized medicine, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach on the basis of results from male research subjects places women at a higher health risk. We seek to end the bias at a research level.

Women's Health is Family Health

The Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research is dedicated to making a long-term positive impact on women’s health. It is the premier organization advancing women’s health research. 

Women's Health Research, Home
2018 Howell CSUPERB Scholars

We Fund unique undergraduate research scholarships and graduate nursing research grants to scientists researching issues affecting women’s health.  Learn More >>

Women's Health Research, Home

We present the latest medical research findings at our events and through our Speaker Service program. Experts and researchers present timely information on topics relevant to women’s health and the health of their families.  Learn More>>

Women's Health Research, Home

We fund research initiatives that improve the health of under-served women and increase awareness and advocacy in the community. Learn More>>


Relaying the latest in
Women’s Health Research

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Urine Trouble: Women’s Bladder Health and the Urinary Microbiome

Guest Speaker:
Linda Brubaker, M.D.

Women's Health Research, Home

About the Topic

Urinary problems are common and often bothersome in adult women. Recent discoveries confirm a microbiome in the normal bladder. This brief presentation will review the urobiome and the relationship to bladder health and common urinary problems in women.

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Scholarship Awards

“Take the research that is being done, translate it, and put it into practical use. Please take it seriously because we have no way to go but up, not option but success, no way to go but to fill the need. It is filling that need that I hope our Foundation will constantly do as its’ mission…
And so far, i believe we’ve succeeded.”
~Dr. Doris Howell

We fund unique undergraduate research scholarships and graduate nursing research grants to scientists researching issues affecting women’s health.  Learn More >>
Women's Health Research, Home
2019 Howell/UCSD Scholars

Our Academic Partners

Making our scholarship program happen

Women's Health Research, Home
Women's Health Research, Home
Women's Health Research, Home
Women's Health Research, Home

We have the honor of collaborating with renowned institutions in our community that help achieve the Howell Foundation’s mission and vision. Our academic and community partners help us “Keep the Women We Love Healthy”

Read About the Impact of a
Howell Scholarship in our Blog:
Where are they now?

Women's Health Research, Home

Touching young scientific minds: Researcher turned teacher among the first to receive the Howell Scholarship.

  It is often said that an individual without education is like a building without a foundation.  One of our…
Women's Health Research, Home

Celebrating our Scholars: Congratulations Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin!

Thinzar Helmi Lwin This year, our 20th anniversary celebration year, also includes celebrating the success of our scholars.   If…

Community Engagement Initiative:

Bringing women's health research full circle​

The Doris A Howell Foundation is committed to seeking funding for research partnerships between academic and community-based organizations to improve women’s health in our community.

2018 CEI Grant Recipient

(Awarded in November of each year)
Women's Health Research, Home

Dr.Sheila Mody, MD MPH.
Director, Fellowship in Family Planning
Division of Family Planning,
Dept. of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
University of California, San Diego

Project Title: “Partnering with Refugee Women to Inform Culturally Appropriate Patient-Centered Reproductive Healthcare”

The research project is a collaboration between the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at UCSD, the Refugee Health Unit at the UCSD Center for Community Health, and the United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST).   Dr. Mody and her partners will explore reproductive health patient-provider interactions and adapt patient-centered reproductive health counseling tools that can be accessible, culturally sensitive, and appropriate for refugee women.

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in our Blog:

Women's Health Research, Home

Howell's Community Engagement Initiative focuses on weight gain prevention and meditation

Jessica Hawks, doctoral candidate and Dr. Hala Madanat The Howell’s CEI holds more than “Fresh 15″… mentoring and leadership skills…
Women's Health Research, Home

Howell Foundation Awards Grant to Develop Resources for Young Cancer Survivors.

H. Irene Su, MD, MSCE, an associate professor in the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Moores Cancer Center at UC…

Empowering Women to be their own best health care advocates.

If our work empowers one individual to work towards women’s health research, then we are just a step closer to ensuring women’s well-being and family health.

Extending Women's Health Information in our Community Through our Speaker Service

Lunch or Coffee?​

Women's Health Research, Home

Interested in learning more about women’s health research? Let’s get together. Brown bag lunch and/or coffee are on us!

A “one-size-fits-all” approach does not apply to medicine when diagnosing and treating women’s health.   ​We believe that by empowering women with information about the latest research on women’s health, we help keep the women we love healthy!  

The Howell Speakers Service extends the Howell Foundation’s educational mission into corporations and nonprofit organizations. All topics are evidence-based and provide research about organizational and individual wellness.  Some topics cover healthy living in the 21st century.  Other topics focus on the quality of people’s mental and physical health in the workplace.

Have us over and learn about the health of the women in your organization.

Read About Howell's Community
Impact in our Blog

Women's Health Research, Home

Bringing gero palliative care into today’s healthcare system: changing...

In May, the Howell Foundation hosted Dr. Daniel Hoefer.  His palliative care presentation “Why Palliative Medicine Must Become Mainstream” provided…
Women's Health Research, Home

The work of the Doris Howell Foundation to address...

The question is why are we passionate about women’s health research? The need. Women are not small men. The exclusion…

What Donors are Saying:

Although women live longer than men, they bear a greater burden of diseases & disability. I’m privileged to serve on the Howell Foundation Board of Directors to help this exceptional organization promote women’s health research through its student & community engagement research awards.”

Women's Health Research, Home
Andrea Z. Lacroix. Ph.D. Professor & Director of the Women's Health Center of Excelence UC San Diego

We have entered a new era in Women’s Health and “tomorrow’s breakthrough” depends on what we do today to make a difference in the future of health care. It’s an honor to be part of this incredible group of people who believe in women’s health causes.

Women's Health Research, Home
Maryanne Sorge Family Nurse Practitioner Friend of Howell Foundation

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Help us make a positive impact in women's health for another 25 years...

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