2022 Yearly Review

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2022 Yearly Review

Message from the Executive Director



Earning your trust

Thank you to all our Board Members who are committed to serve in the advancement of women’s health, and to our volunteers and donors who with their support help accelerate women’s health research.

Dear Friends of Howell,

Happy New Year! Wow, what a great year 2022 was for the Howell Foundation! Thankfully, with your support, the Howell Foundation continued Dr. Doris Howell’s mission of advancing women’s health research, education and “Keeping the Women we Love Healthy”.

Our Scholarship Program continued to fund research grants to 15 undergraduate and graduate individuals conducting critical research that affects women’s health.

The Foundation hosted a lovely Donor Recognition Event, a Webinar and three in-person Luncheon Lectures. We had leading scientists and medical experts present cutting edge research on relevant topics on women’s health.

Your support is vital to the growth of the Howell Foundation. Your investment supports emerging scientists to study women specific health issues and enables us to host extraordinary medical experts, scientists, doctors and researchers who convey timely, cutting edge research on topics relevant to women’s health.

Thank you for helping us accelerate women’s health research to “Keep the Women We Love Health”! Please continue to join us for all the “Howell Happenings” in 2023!

With Gratitude,


The Howell Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID #33-0715532




the next generation of women’s health research professionals

In 2022, the Howell Foundation awareded 15 grants to undergraduate and graduate students. Their research projects address a wide range of topics in women’s health, including breast cancer, depression, nutrition and stroke.

Providing early access to


Our quarterly presentations featured practicing physicians and scientists who shared their expertise and explained cutting-edge research. Women in our community now have the latest, research-based information on nutrition, eye health, menopause management, and osteoporosis treatments to make decisions about their own health.

Make a donation and advance women’s health research to
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In this issue:

Howell Lecture Series Program Summary

Howell Scholars making us proud

Howell Happenings

Meet your Board

With our Deepest Appreciation

2022 Howell Foundation Lecture Series Program

The Howell Foundation organizes an exceptional Lecutre Series, featuring researchers, medical experts, and health care professionals who explain research-based findings impacting women’s health and wellness. With access tot he latest research, women in our community can make informed decisions about and self-advocate for their own health, as well as their families’ health.

"Be your own Valentine! Love your heart and your health"

Clinical Professor of Radiology, UC San Diego Health Systems

Dr. Richman summarized a series of comprehensive studies that highlighted the importance of a plant-based nutrition plan to positively affect our health, including sexual health, diabetes, heart health, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and osteoporosis.

"Aging and Age-related Eye Diseases: The Women Perspective"

Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology School of Medicine, UC Irvine

Our keynote speaker discussed the complex process of aging and the distinct molecular aspects that contribute to age-related tissue disfunction. She focused on glaucoma, and discussed several potential approaches to reduce the negative impact on healthy cells.

"Know thyself at Menopause and Beyond: Knowledge is Power"

Distinguised Professor of Epidemiology, Director, Women's Health Center of Excellence, UC San Diego
Director, UC San Diego Menopause Health Program

Andrea LaCroix and Katheryn Macaulay presented newly released, major research programs funded for the last 20 years to improve our knowledge about menopause and how to manage short and long term menopause symptoms, with newly created resource, mymenoplan.org.

"Osteoporosis Update 2022"

dr. gina woods
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, UC San Diego
Clinical Medical Director, La Jolla Internal Medicine Faculty Practice, UC San Diego Health

Two renowned experts in the field of osteoporosis presented an update on the latest research in osteoporosis and provided us with information on the importance of bone health, especially in the later years of women’s lives, the strategies to optimize bone health throughout our lifespan, and how nutrition, hormones, physical activity and medications affect our bones.

Congratulations to our 2022 Howell Scholars!

"It is inspiring to know that the vast majority of Howell Scholars (87%) go on to pursue careers in bioscience, medical, and public health fields"

We believe that funding undergraduate and graduate research projects is the cornerstone to advancing women’s health. By financially investing in women-specific studies, the Howell Foundation seeks to inspire the next generation of professionals dedicated to women’s health, while accelerating the research that positively affects the health of women, their families and the communities in which they live.

Hayelin (Jacklyn) Jung

2022 Howell Undergraduate Awards

Hayelin (Jacklyn) Jung, UCSD

“How Stress Affects Blood Glucose Levels.”
Mentor: Kellie Breen Church

Gabrielle Scott, UCSD

“Development of a Clinical Pelvic Model and Experimental Method to Measure Pressure Distribution of expandable Dilators under Different Vaginal Stenosis Conditions.”
Mentor: Frank Talke

Kameswari Naga Sivani, UCSD

“Analyzing clinical and genomic data from smoking-related HNSCC patients to examine smoking-influenced changes in tRNA expression.”
Mentor: Dr. Weg Ongkeko

Jason Yang, UCSD

“Investigation of the Necessity of AVPV Kiss1 Neurons during the preovulatory for GnRH/LH Surge in Female Mice.”
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Kauffman

Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB)

Andrea Abelian (Electrical Engineering, California State University, Los Angeles)

“Characterizing Spreading Depolarizations for Electrophysiology-Based Stroke Therapy”
Mentor: Deborah Won, Electrical Engineering

Yazmine Bedolla (Biology, California State University, Fresno)

“Influence of a VHH Crystallization Chaperone on the STructure Determination of MUC1 and MUC16 Specific Antibodies by X-ray Crystallography.”
Mentor: Corry Brooks, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jane Cox (Biology, California State University, Northridge)

“Role of LCN2 In Mediating Premetastatic Breast Cancer Progression.”
Mentor: Jonathan Kelber, Biology

Stephanie Duarte-Amezcua (Biological Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Option, California State University, Chico)

“Predicting Scoliosis based on Neurological Differences During Development.”
Mentor: Kristen Gorman, Biological Sciences

Jason Guerrero (Biochemistry, California State University, Dominguez Hills)

“Identificaiton of Novel Natural Products with selective Cytotoxicity Against a Breast Cancer Cell Line.”
Mentor: Erin McCauley, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Lilly Harrison (Biology, San Diego State University)

“Does Non-Nutritive Sweetener Consumption Affect Embryonic and Pancreas Development?”
Mentor: Kari Sant, Public Health

Joanne Mendez (Biological Sciences Conc. Systems physiology, San Jose State University)

“Probing pH Sensitive Regulation of the Oncogene Myc.”
Mentor: Bree Grillo-Hill, Biological Sciences

Guadalupe Romero Viramontez (Biology, California State University, Fresno)

“Binding Mechanism of Antibodies to Sea Urchin-Argin (SEA) Domains in MUC16 for the Study of Pancreatic Cancer immunotherapy.”
Mentor: Cory Brooks, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Luke Tomaneng (Biology, California State University, Northridge)

“Determining the Role of RAI14 in pancreatic Cancer Using Live-Cell Imaging.”
Mentor: Jonathan Kelber, Biology

Ranel Tuplano (Biology, California State University, Northridge)

“Differentiating CD98hc and LAT1/2 functions in elF5A1/2-Dependent Migration of triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells.”
Mentor: Jonathan Kelber, Biology

2022 Howell-Cheryl Wilson Graduate Award in Nursing

Andrea Schershel MSN, FNP

“A Day in the Life of a Woman with Clostridioides Difficile”
Mentor: Dr. Caroline Etland

Howell Happenings

Carol Tuggey, Chair, 2019-2022 (left) and incoming chair, Susan Baxter, Ph.D. (2023)

"The Howell Foundation board is very grateful for the support of an incredible community of donors and partners who are passionate about women’s health. Over the last 25 years, we’ve organized over 100 lectures, reaching over 9000 people, but we still want to expand our community. I look forward to seeing you and your friends in 2023 - so please check in with us at www.howellfoundation.org for details on events throughout the year!"

Message from the Chair

Dear Friends,

This has been an eventful year for the Howell Foundation! We have been able to reestablish our regular luncheon seminars and have plans to also continue our webinar programs in the year ahead.

During this year we were proud to acknowledge one of our own Board members: Dr. Andrea LaCroix, who was named one of the 1000 world’s most outstanding women in research! Our previous luncheon speaker Dr. Sonya Israel was also honored with this distinction!

Our Board of Directors has seen some changes as Board Members Aditi Gnanasekar, Dr. Stanley Maloy, and Colleen Peterson transitioned off the Board. Aditi is now at Stanford Medical School, on her way to becoming a physician. Dr. Maloy is a sought after research expert and international speaker and has a book underway, and Colleen leads one of our most active local nonprofits that involves young people. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you in the advancement of women’s health research.

I am pleased to welcome Dr. Susan Baxter as the new Chair of the Board. Susan is a long time supporter of Howell, and was previously the head of the CSUPERB program at the California State University system. The 23 CSU campuses are part of the Howell Scholars program and we name many of their scholars each year for our research grants. I wish you all but success.

Thank you to all of our donors! This effort to increase research into women’s health and get that research information to women cannot be done without you!

I have enjoyed my time as the Chair of the Board and wish all of our Friends the best of times in the new year!


Susan M. Baxter, PhD

Former Executive Director, California State University Office of the Chancellor

Angel Ryan
Vice Chair

Senior Research Coordinator
IMS Consulting and Expert Services

Eileen Gaffen

Steres Gaffen Media

Thank you for your past service!

Aditi Gnanasekar

Medical Student
Howell Alumni

Our youngest Board Member was accepted to the medical program at Stanford Medical school and is on her way to becoming a physician. Congratulations! we wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Stanley Maloy, PhD

Associate Vice President for Innovation
San Diego state University

Stanley has a long association with the Howell foundation and has played a critical role in the organization's Scholarship and Lecture Series Programs. Prior to joining the foundation, he played a key role on the Foundations' Advisory Council. Stanley is currently writing multiple books.
Congratulations Stanley! thank you for your insights and collaboration.

Colleen Peterson

Founder and President
Peterson Hill Marketing
Philanthropic Leader

Colleen is known as a philanthropic leader in our community, and has has been involved with the Howell Foundation for a decade! Under her leadership as Chair of the Strategic Planning, Nominations and Governance Committee, the Howell Foundation Board grew by 35%. Her expertise in the strategic planning arena led to the development and implementation of a solid and women-focused strategic plan, under which the Foundation continues to operate. She now is part of the Legacy Council, where she will continue to provide guidance and support to the organization. We are profoundly grateful for her dedication to advance women's health!

Howell Nursing Scholarships

"The Howell Graduate Scholars have made a large impact in the health community and we are really grateful for the Doris Howell Foundation supporting them.”

In Memoria

Howell Foundation Board and Legacy Council Members were saddened to learn about the passing of Dr. Patricia A. Roth, Professor Emerita at the University of San Diego (USD) and one of the founders of the USD Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science. Dr. Roth played a fundamental role in establishing the Howell Foundation’s Cheryl Wilson Graduate Award in Nursing.

Dr. Jane Georges, Dean of the Hahn School of Nursing at USD, states, “The mentorship she gave so graciously to her fellow School of Nursing faculty has shaped nursing education in San Diego in incalculable ways, and none of us- faculty or students- will ever forget her.”

With our gratitude

Your support accelerates research for the benefit of women, their families and the communities in which they live. Without you, there wouldn’t be an us!

Women’s Health Research Accelerator

Estate of Doris Howell and Peggy Oechsie
Estate of Beatrice Rose
The Ruben H. Fleet Foundation Fund of The San Diego Foundation

Full Scholarship Donor

Susan Baxter, PhD
Diana Hill
Betty Jo Petersen
Soroptimist International of La Jolla

Women’s Health Research Pioneer

Brad Benter
Marla Black
Madeline Butler, PhD
Jane Georges, PhD, RN
Laury Graves
Joy Lappe
Hamilton Loeb, Jr
David Mulvaney
The National Cheers Foundation
Colleen Peterson
Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation
Sheryl Scarano
Irving Tragen
Carol Tuggey
Cheryl Wilson

Women’s Health Innovator

Gaylyn Boone
Trista Campbell, PhD, RN, CPHQ
Carmen Colombo, PhD, MBA, RN
Berit Durler
Janet Hawkins
Gladys Kohn
Stanley Maloy, PhD
Jean McGrath
Barbara Parry
Virginia “Jill” Patch
Laurayne Ratner
Marilyn Tedesco
Vici Willis

Women’s Health Advocate

Stephanie Ayon
Betty Brayshay
Joyce Dostart
Kathleen Franklin
Eileen Gaffen
Kippy Gambill
Kathy Gehl
Mary Lynn Hyde
Jayne Lindberg
Jan McEachern
Kathleen McGuire
Patty Moises
Irene Mylonas
Janace Pierce
Patricia Price
Sheila Weinberg
Patricia Wellborn
Sharon Weremiuk
Judy White
William Wurch, JD, CPA,LLM

Friend of Howell

Penny Adler
Barbara Arledge
Kathleen Aubin
Margaret Cheney-Gavit
Denise and David Ellenstein
Sharon Fogg
Tanya Fortuna
Martha Blake Jacobson
Adele Kayser
Robyn Krasner
Tina Krinsky
Andrea LaCroix, PhD
Ronda Landrum
Karen Ludwig
Esther Nahama
Carolyn Northrup
Lynn Payette
Angel Ryan
Place Tegland
Joseph and Mary Watson

2022 Board Officers

Carol Tuggey
Community Leader

William A. Wurch,
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

President, The Law Firm of William A. Wurch, PC

Susan M. Baxter, PhD
Vice Chair

Retired, Former Executive Director, California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Stanley Maloy, PhD

Co-Chair, Advisory Council Associate Vice President for Innovation,
San Diego State University

2022 Board Members

Trista R. Campbell, PHD, RN, CPHQ
Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee

CEO, Dream Care Group Homes, Righteous Inc.,
Howell Alumni Scholar

Carmen Colombo, PhD, MBA, RN
Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee

Chief Nursing Officer Specialty Hospitals, Sharp HealthCare
Howell Alumni Scholar

Eileen Gaffen
Steres Gaffen Media

Aditi Gnanasekar
Howell Alumni Scholar

Jane M. Georges, PhD RN
Chair, Scholar Relations Committee

Dean, Hahn School of Nursing & Health Science

Diana Hill
Soroptimist International of La Jolla

Andrea Z. LaCroix, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology
Director, Women’s Health Center of Excellence
Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science
University of California San Diego

Bill Littlejohn
Chair, Development Committee

Senior Vice President and CEO, Sharp HealthCare Foundation

David Mulvaney
Fundraiser, Philanthropist
and Community Leader

Carolyn Northrup
Chair, Communications Committee

Marketing Consultant

Colleen Peterson
Chair, Strategic Planning, Nominations and Governance Committee

Founder and President Peterson Hill Marketing, Philanthropic Leader

Katherine “Meg” Richman, MD, FACR
Emeritus Professor of Radiology UC San Diego
Per Diem Radiologist for SD VA, Kaiser, and Sharp Rees Stealy

Angel Ryan
Senior Research Coordinator,
IMS Consulting and
Expert Services

Marilyn Tedesco
Founder and President Consultants to Management


Marla Black
Executive Director

Michele Prescott
Development Associate

Tanya Fortuna
Administrative Coordinator


The Howell Alumni advancing the health and wellness of WOMEN in our community.

“The Howell Foundation Scholarship gave me the opportunity to focus on research work critical to women’s health.”

Past. Present. Future. Meet the Howell Scholar Alumni making a difference in women's health.

“My proudest accomplishment is making Captain in the United States Navy Nurse Corps in 2020.”

From Nurse Practitioner to Captain in the US Navy Nurse Corps.

In 2014, the Howell Foundation awarded the Cheryl Wilson Award in Nursing to Jennifer Buechel.

After completing her dissertation on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), HPV vaccine and HPV testing, she graduated with her PhD in Nursing in 2016. She published her team’s research in three peer-reviewed journal articles. She worked as an Associate Director and Department Head for Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Today, she is the Executive Officer for the Navy’s premier medical research laboratory for submarines and undersea warfighters.

The Role of Genomics in Women's Health

"As a medical student, I hope to expand my research endeavors to the fields of genomic medicine and its applications in the clinical setting. I hope to work towards personalizing treatment plans based on an individual’s genetic makeup combined with social factors to prevent and predict disease.”

Jennifer Anderson received the Howell-CSUPERB scholarship in 2021. In the short time since, she has graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. After graduation, she continued in her undergraduate research lab studying different metabolic pathways in breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. In June 2021, she began work as a Medical Laboratory Assistant at Q2 Solutions in the Microbiology Department.

Inspiring Careers in the Field of Breast Cancer

“I received an ASP Summer Research Fellowship that only 5 students receive nationwide. I really feel like the Howell Foundation Scholarship really prepared me to be a competitive candidate and allowed me to pursue my passion for research in women’s health.”

Esveydi Oceguera Nava is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry B.S. She plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Chemistry this following fall at Fresno State and continue to pursue a career in women’s health. She received the Howell Award in 2021. She plans to apply to a doctorate program to continue researching breast cancer. She hopes to teach at an institution or work for a corporation that focuses on women’s health, specifically breast cancer.

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