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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - WEBINAR: What Science Tells Us About How to Stay Cognitively Healthy as We Age

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Howell Guest Speaker: Linda McEvoy, PhD

Registration Fee: $25 (your fee is 100% tax deductible)

Register online by:  Aug 3rd. This event will take place via the ZOOM platform, with both video and audio access. Please register for more information.

Some people remain cognitively sharp through-out their lives while others develop mild cognitive impairment or dementia.  Although genetics play an important role in whether or not we will remain cognitively healthy as we age, there is growing scientific evidence that a number of factors, many of which are under our control, may increase or decrease the likelihood of cognitively healthy aging.  In this talk, I will discuss the changes in the brain that lead to changes in our cognitive abilities with age, and the scientific evidence behind the strategies for maintaining cognitive health in aging.

Linda McEvoy, PhD - Professor, Department of Radiology, Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, UCSD. Dr. McEvoy is a cognitive neuroscientist who uses epidemiological approaches to study risk and protective factors for healthy cognitive aging, and neuroimaging methods to understand how the brain changes in healthy aging and in Alzheimer’s disease. She has published over 100 papers in scientific journals on these topics. Her research has shown that large areas of the brain undergo shrinkage before a person develops dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, and that shrinkage in certain brain areas can predict the development of dementia. Her research has also shown that physical activity, healthy dietary patterns, moderate alcohol, and higher levels of education are associated with better cognitive performance among older adults, and that hearing loss is a risk factor for cognitive decline in aging.

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