Celebrating our Scholars:  Congratulations Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin!

Celebrating our Scholars: Congratulations Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin!

Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin
Thinzar Helmi Lwin

This year, our 20th anniversary celebration year, also includes celebrating the success of our scholars.   If our work empowers one individual to work towards women’s health research, then we are just a step closer to ensuring women’s well being and family health. We’d like to acknowledge Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin.

“The Howell research scholarship fueled my interest in science and cancer biology.  It led me to great mentors who guided me into the medical field during my time at UCSD.  I have since finished medical school in New York and am now a surgical resident training at Mt Sinai Beth Israel in NY. I am very appreciative of the Howell Foundation for giving me the opportunity to get started in biomedical research which helped me to get where I am today!”

The Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research is committed to keeping the women we love healthy, advancing women’s health through research and educating women to be catalysts for improving family health in the community.   The organization does so by funding scholarships to students researching issues affecting women’s health; providing a forum for medical experts, scientists, doctors, and researchers to convey timely information on topics relevant to women’s health and the health of their families through its Lecture and Evening Series, and by funding research initiatives that improve the health of under-served women and increase awareness and advocacy in the community.  

Congratulations Dr. Thinzar Helmi Lwin!  We wish you all the success in your career!  For more information, visit www.howellfoundation.org

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