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This Holiday season, celebrate the health of the women you love by
donating towards women's health research!

Dr. Doris Howell - Our Founder Howell Foundation for Women's Health Research

“How many of you have wives;
how many of you have daughters;
how many of you have sisters?
And I know you all have mothers…

What do you do to help them stay healthy?”

Women’s Health starts with RESEARCH. 

Health prevention strategies, illness diagnosis and treatment, and drug development efforts rely on female-inclusive research. Historically, women have been either underrepresented, or excluded. This may lead to  adverse health outcomes for women.

The Howell Foundation works to ensure women are included in scientific studies affecting THEIR health. 

  • We invest in current and future health professionals by funding undergraduate and graduate researchers conducting women-specific studies.  We strive to inspire the the future  generation of scientists and researchers to follow a career in sciences.  
  • We offer early access to women-specific, cutting-edge research to promote health awareness and positively affect women’s health.  Our Lecture Series Program is meant to present accurate research information to empower women to make decisions about THEIR own health. 

“We have entered a new era in Women’s Health. Tomorrow’s research breakthrough depends on what we do today to make a difference in the future of women’s health.  It’s an honor to be part of this incredible group of people who believe in women’s health causes.”

 ~ Maryanne Sorge, Family Nurse Practitioner and Friend of Howell

Other Ways to Accelerate Women's Health Research:

  • Attend our educational events. Learn first-hand about cutting-edge research affecting women’s health.
  • Donate on behalf of your organization and invite us over. Get up close and personal with experts on the field of women’s health research.
  • Consider us in your planned giving efforts.  Honor the life of the women and men who mean the most to you.
  • Select the Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research while shopping on Amazon Smile. 

Can we count on you to continue
keeping the women we love healthy?

No gift is ever too small!

$10,000 Women's Health Research Accelerator

$5,000 Full Scholarship Donor

$1,000 Women's Health Research Pioneer

$ 500 Women's Health Innovator

$ 250 Women's Health Advocate

$ 150 Friend of Howell

Howell Scholarship Program

We inspire and fund undergraduate and graduate researchers to pursue scientific innovation for the next-generation pool of physicians and scientists who will accelerate solutions to women’s health issues.

Outreach and Events

We promote health education by presenting cutting-edge research that encourages self-advocacy for the long term health and well-being of women, their families and the community in which they live.

Community Engagement Initiative

Howell Foundation Community Engagement Initiative

We award pilot research grants to scientists working with community organizations to develop and evaluate programs designed to address the most pressing health issues affecting underrepresented women in our community.

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