The Lighter Side of Women's Health. Sweet Weekend Ya'll - medicinal chocolate!

The Lighter Side of Women's Health. Sweet Weekend Ya'll - medicinal chocolate!

This just in from the Daily Mail:  “World’s first medicinal chocolate: Scientists have developed a bar so healthy it could be taken as medicine.” Oh sweet heaven!

As widely known, cacao contains antioxidants that might lower the risk of several diseases.  The research trend of super-foods has shed light on the new medicinal benefits that have been attributed to cocoa. The most recognized? Slowing the aging process, regulating vascular changes that lead to heart disease and minimizing the risk of developing cancer.  And then there is a myriad of side benefits:

  • Improves our mood
  • Used as an aphrodisiac
  • Balances Hormonal Mood Swings
  • Creates loads of energy and combats fatigue
  • Improves skin texture
  • Lowers our blood pressure naturally
  • Improves cognitive function and prevents Alzheimer’s
  • Reduces insulin resistance and sensitivity
  • Improves our kidney functions, promotes better digestion and stimulates our bowel

But these health benefits are overridden by the amount of sugar and fat that go into processing a chocolate bar. In the end, our favorite dessert contains around 70% of sugar and fat.   The Daily Mail article states that “de-bittering” unsweetened cacao with microorganisms of a coca plant extract along with a herb from the Andean region of Bolivia and Peru could lower the amount of processed sugar and fat in chocolate by about half.

The responsible (genius!) for making our lives a little happier is Gregory Aharonian, who is in the process of developing Kuka Xoco.  “If the unhealthy ingredients were to be removed from chocolate, it could and should be eaten medicinally.”  His goal is to produce chocolate that only contains 10% of sugar and fats, thus unleashing the true health benefits that cocoa has to offer.

Kuka Xoco is expected to be in the market next year.  If it’s sweet, it’s happy, right? What a way to start the weekend!

To read the original article, click HERE.


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