7 Facts on Women and Stress

7 Facts on Women and Stress

Did you know the sources of stress, the effects of stress and the attempted methods of stress reduction differ in men and women? Here are some facts about women and stress:

  • Women report higher levels of stress than men
  • Married women report higher levels of stress than single women
  • They are more likely to report money as a source of stress than men
  • Women are more likely to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress
  • They are more likely to report eating as a result of increased stress
  • Women are more likely to report a lack of will power as a barrier to reducing stress
  • Women are less likely to exercise as a stress management tool
The good news?
  • We have begun to understand the physiological explanations for the gender differences
  • Understanding the gender-specific physiological differences has led to more effective gender-based stress management techniques
Conclusions of gender differences related to stress appeared in a recent article from the American Psychological Association.  Interesting read here.
Hear the latest on stress, stress management and gender differences in stress with Dr. Tahir Bhatti and Dr. Carole Banka on March 18that the Howell Foundation “Intentional Happiness” Series event.  Dark chocolate will be served (a possible stress reducer). To register visit www.howellfoundation.org.


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