An Integrative Approach to Stress Management: Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness

An Integrative Approach to Stress Management: Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness

An Integrative Approach in Stress Management: Reducing stress and Increasing Happiness is the fourth of a series of presentations organized by the Foundation.  It will offer a unique, interactive, thought-provoking insight on the effects of stress in our health, how stress differs in men and women, and simple techniques to reducing stress in our daily life.

Meet our Speakers:

Tahir Bhatti discusses reducing stress
Tahir I. Bhatti, M.D. 
Integrative Psychiatrist and Wellness Physician at the UCSD Executive Health & Wellness and Concierge Medicine programs.
Tahir Bhatti, M.D. completed a Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology Clinical Research Fellowship at UC San Diego VA Medical Center. In 1996, he was awarded one of the first Fellowships to explore alternative therapies at UCSD School of Medicine.  Dr. Bhatti is Director of the Integrative/Holistic Services at the Center for Wellness & Personal Growth.  He combines his traditional training as a psychiatrist and therapist with meditation, stress reduction techniques, life coaching, chi kung, t’ai chi, breath work, human design and bio-field therapies.
Along with Dr. Carole Banka, Associate Project Scientist, Department of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, this presentation promises to deliver an interactive and thought provoking presentation on effective ways to manage stress in our daily lives.  
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